INSTA HTP-256 Plus

Professional Manual Heatpress

Product Overview
The Insta 256 Manual Swing-Away heat press machine with 16”x20” platens swings almost a full 180° to the right - providing you with unobstructed access to the lower platen while you load your garments and place your transfers. The new Quick-Change™ platens allow you to quickly swap your lower platen with any of Insta’s new accessory platens. The quick-change feature also allows you to quickly rotate the lower platen in a matter of seconds to suit your applications.

As a 16”x20” swing away heat press, this machine gives you tons of room to work with allowing larger graphics than other machines. The Insta 256 has been meticulous crafted to accomplish and evenly distribute enormous pressure throughout the entire platen. Its cast-in tubular heating element heats the metal from within for a consistent and long-lasting heat. The Insta 256 is made from a combination of materials, making it lightweight without sacrificing the strength and durability for which Insta machines are known.
Press onto thicker substrates
The HTP-256plus is able to raise it's heat platen higher than regular heat press. This allows users to heat press onto thicker substrates. As shown in the picture, it is possible to heat press onto items as thick as 45mm.
Swing away action
Swing away platen for safe operation
Unlike clam shell press machines the top heater platen of the HTP-256plus swings away from the user exposing the lower platen for unobstructed use, making it safer for the user.
Accurate digital temperature control
The HTP-256 plus features an integrated time and temperature controller. Timer count down starts automatically when the platen is lowered and automatically resets when the platen is raised.
T-shirt slip in
Slip in T-Shirt
The HTP-256 plus allows you to slip a T-Shirt into the lower platen. This makes printing onto the back of the shirts easier.
Interchangeable Platens
Interchangeable Lower Platens
The HTP-256 plus has interchangeable lower platens to facilitate printing onto odd size items
Lifetime warrenty
Lifetime warranty on heater element
The HTP-256 plus heater element is covered by a lifetime warranty
Depth 77cm
Width 51cm
Height 63cm
Platen Size 16" x 20"
Shipping Weight 55kg
Voltage 230V
Power 2200 Watts, 9.6 Amps
6x6 lower platen
Interchangeable Platen
Size : 6" x 6"
6x9 lower platen
Interchangeable Platen
Size : 6" x 9"
6x15 lower platen
Interchangeable Platen
Size : 6" x 15"
10x15 lower platen
Interchangeable Platen
Size : 10" x 15"