Pneumatic Controlled Professional Heat Press

Product Overview
The Insta 728 is an Automatic Swing heat press with a 15”x20” platen. This machine is work-horse and renowned for being one of the most reliable and durable heat presses available. Since it is a pneumatic heat transfer machine, its air-driven operation prevents operator fatigue and promotes consistent production speed. The Insta 728 is used globally, by contractors for many of the world’s leading clothing brands because of its fast recovery, accurate temperature, even pressure and its ability to generate consistent results under 24/7 use.
pressure gauge
Air-driven operation prevents operator fatigue
Pneumatic operation allows the user to operate the machine by a push of a button instead of using their own strength the operate the machine.
swing away action
Swing away platen for safe operation
Unlike clam shell press machines the top heater platen of the HTP-728 swings away from the user exposing the lower platen for unobstructed use, making it safer for the user.
Digital Control
Accurate digital temperature and time control
The HTP-728 features an integrated time and temperature controller. Timer count down starts automatically when the operator starts the transfer. Lower platen automatically disengages when the timer ends.
Lifetime Warrenty
Lifetime warranty on heater element
The HTP-728 plus heater element is covered by a lifetime warranty
Depth 76 cm
Width 76cm
Height 84cm
Platen Size 66cm
Shipping Weight 15" x 20"
Voltage 230V
Power 2200 Watts, 9.6 Amps
Air Compressor 1/2-3/4 HP, 38-45L Tank
Demostration Of The INSTA HTP-728
This video demonstrates the features of the HTP-728.
High quality automatic heatpress machine made by Insta Graphics.

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Duration    01:30