A3 size White Toner Printer

Product Overview
Extend your creativity to beyond CMYK printing in solid, sharp and bright white is now as easy as printing in any color textile or hard surface.

The compact A3 printer is installed and powered using 'SpaceControl4' software. SpaceControl4 has all the powerful standard features of SpaceControl for the 7411WT plus enhanced features only available to the Pro8432WT which bring new possibilities to transfer printing.

The new white toner also extends a new lease of life to existing transfer papers allowing the decoration of any colour materials, products and substrates. Now CPM papers can decorate dark colour mugs, diaries, leather, PU products, phone and gadget covers, binders and various types of folders with ‘white’ as the extra colour included in the design. The new ‘white’ also extends to tattoo paper for skin and nail decoration as well
A3 Size white toner laser printer
The OKI C8432WT changes the rules in heat transfer printing.
With the introduction of white toner, we are now able to do self weeding technology and also the ability to print onto dark surfaces.
SPACE CONTROL Software built for TMT media
Our SPACE CONTROL software makes white toner management ridiculously easy!!
Just simply select the appropriate TMT media from the drop down list and SPACE CONTROL takes care of the rest for you
SPACE CONTROL Software - No need for any vector path
There is no need to create any vector path when ending a file to SPACE CONTROL. Just save your image as PNG file with the unwanted areas as a transparent pixels and SPACE CONTROL will do the rest.
Self Weeding Paper for fabric - T.ONE & WOW
TheMagicTouch has developed 2 self weeding papers for use with white toner printers. T.ONE for light coloured fabric and WOW for dark coloured fabrics.
The white toner allows the paper to do self weeding meaning that you do not need to cut or weed to remove the unwanted areas around an image.
Transfer onto dark coloured non-fabric surfaces
Taking advantage of white toner technology with our SPACE Control software allows you transfer onto dark coloured non fabric surfaces.
Our SPACE CONTROL software enables you to print a solid layer of white beneath the colour so that the true colour can be seen on a dark surface.
Dimensions 449 x 552 x 360 mm
Weight Approx. 37.0 kg
Paper Weight Tray 1 : 64 - 220 gsm Multi-purpose tray : 64 - 256 gsm
Paper Size A3, A4, A5 Custom Size: Width 64-297 mm x Length 90-431 mm
Print Speed A4 35ppm , A3 20ppm
Interface USB 2.0 (SPACE CONTROL)
Supported OS Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (SPACE CONTROL)