Heat Transfer Lamination Film

Coverseal Box
Product Overview
Transparent film for A-Pad applications. Gives maximum UV protection and maximum scratch resistance.

This protective film is applied using a heat press.

One-step process.
How Does It Work?
1. Peel off COVERSEAL from backing sheet
2. Apply onto surface to be laminated
3. Cover with application sponge
4. Apply heat press
5. Remove application sponge. Surface is now laminated.
Lamination film for your heatpress
COVERSEAL is a lamination film for use with a heatpress machine. It can be used to laminate metal, paper, and other surfaces.
Reflection free matt textured finish
Surfaces that have been laminated with COVERSEAL will have a reflection free matt textured finish.
Award Plaque
Coverseal adds a unique textured lamination protection to your product. Learn how to do it here!!

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